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Introduction to NetShow and ASF NetShow Services include a comprehensive suite of authoring tools and streaming services to provide everything developers need to deliver audio, video, illustrated audio, animations, and other multimedia over a network or the Internet.

Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) is an extensible file format designed to store synchronized multimedia data

18m16s yichin
Introduction to DirectShow DirectShow, is a kind of multimedia arichitecture. In this training, you can learn about the basis of DirectShow. Context contains:
   1. The importance of DirectShow interface.
   2. To agree by implication of Filters.
   3. The data flow in filters.
   4. The process of the connection between two pins.
   5. The choice of Allocator.
18m51s feitian
Introduction to C++ Object Model coming soon... aslin


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Introduction to DirectShow DirectShow, is a kind of multimedia arichitecture. At the heart of the DirectShow services is a modular system of pluggable components called filters, arranged in a configuration called a filter graph. A component called the filter graph manager oversees the connection of these filters and controls the stream's data flow. PPT file(199k)
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Introduction to VRML 2.0 VRML (the Virtual Reality Modeling Language) has emerged as the de facto standard for describing 3-D shapes and scenery on the World Wide Web. VRML's technology has very broad applicability, including web-based entertainment, distributed visualization, 3-D user interfaces to remote web resources, 3-D collaborative environments, interactive simulations for education, virtual museums, virtual retail spaces, and more. VRML is a key technology shaping the future of the web. 
Participants in this course will learn how to use VRML 2.0 (a.k.a. Moving Worlds) to author their own 3-D virtual worlds on the World Wide Web. Participants will learn VRML concepts and terminology, and be introduced to VRML's text format syntax. Participants also will learn tips and techniques for increasing performance and realism. The course includes numerous VRML examples and information on where to find out more about VRML features and use.
PPT file(89k) wowowo
C++ Object Model/OO Concept Why Object-Oriented languages complete so many things automatially. 
What makes the polymorphism so powerful? 
If we don't understand what compilers have done with our C++ code, we never resolve those confusion... 
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The first step to COM This presentation discuss about the following topics: Why we need COM? What is COM? COM Object(Server),COM Client and COM Interface. How to implement COM Interface by C++? Class Factory. PPT file(136k) yichin
Writing OLE Control the presentation of this ppt is my study of "writing ole control",and i present following step of this book arrangment. Following the presentation ,u can get something of the com and ole concept,but because i study java first,so you can find that something about java show . all about that  distinct from com are just "i think",what in my mind,not really correct. If you find something wrong ,send me a letter. Let us have clear picture abut it.  PPT file(1,284k) topgun
Mail Component Implementation ZIP file(489k) topgun
DAO Only with the DAO (abbreviate of Data Access Objects ), if you want to get all the VB's database functions with simple few words.DAO had been found in Microsoft's Access database,then it had used by VB 3.0 version. At least,it becomes the standard of access database.And it's to be the relational Microsoft's products(included of VC++ĦBOffice series.) PPT file(77k) friendy
JDBC JDBC is a programming interface that lets Java applications access a database via the SQL language. Since Java interpreters (Java Virtual Machines) are available for all major client platforms, this allows a platform-independent database application to be written. JDBC is the Java counterpart of Microsoft's ODBC.  PPT file(83k) csjue
ADO ADO is Microsoft's strategic, high-level interface to all kinds of data. ADO provides consistent, high-performance access to data, whether you're creating a front-end database client or middle-tier business object using an application, tool, language, or even an Internet browser. ADO is the single data interface you need to know for 1- to n-tier client/server and Web-based data-driven solution development. PPT file(286k) csjue
Java Introduction PPT file(83k) drilu
An Introduction to Microsoft AAF The Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) is an industry initiative by the Promoters, for the purpose of specifying an extensible, platform-independent multimedia file format to meet authoring application interchange needs.

"AAF is a positive example of Industry collaboration in action. Bringing this group of top professional media hardware and software companies together to form the Microsoft Multimedia Task Force has proven very successful. The team worked together to identify needed multimedia technologies, developed a plan and then executed against it. The Advanced Authoring Format is the first in a series of significant technology contributions from the Multimedia Task Force to the industry."

-Nicholas Clay, Microsoft's Director of Professional Media Authoring Technology, Director of the AAF Project and creator of the Microsoft Multimedia Task Force

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An Introduction to Microsoft NetShow Service and ASF NetShow Services is the latest release of the MicrosoftR Windows NT Server operating system streaming media services, which enable Internet Providers and organizations to deliver high quality audio and video at every bandwidth across the Internet or enterprise networks.

Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) is an extensible file format designed to store synchronized multimedia data. It supports data delivery over a wide variety of networks and protocols while still proving suitable for local playback. The explicit goal of ASF is to provide a basis for industry-wide multimedia interoperability, with ASF being adopted by all major streaming solution providers and multimedia authoring tool vendors.

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Advanced Streaming Format Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) is the spark that will ignite the digital multimedia revolution. ASF is the open standard file format in which multimedia content will be stored, streamed, and presented by the tools, servers, and clients of the multimedia vendors. It is this interoperability that will excite consumers and drive the digital multimedia revolution. PPT file(217k) gen