About Me

English Name:   Auberon Chen (Shao-Chi Chen)
Chinese Name:   陳少祁
Graduate School:   Information Management, National Taiwan University (NTUIM)
University:   the same as above
Lab:   Communications & Multimedia Laboratory (CMLab) @CSIE
Computer Graphics Laboratory@IM
Advisor:   Professor Bing-Yu Chen (Robin)
Interest:   Reading, Playing Ball Games, Pop Music, Singing, Watching Movies, Watching Baseball Games...
Intro:   I'm Auberon. I'm a graduate student in NTUIM. I'm an easy-going person and like to make friends with other people.I like to take exercise. My favorite sports are baseball and softball. Therefore, my favorite athletes are A-Rod and Derek Jeter. I hope I can enjoy doing researches and have a good result :)