YU-HSIN is a graduate student of the Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University.

She wanted to be an artist when she was a child, an industry designer when she was in junior high, an architect when she was in senior high, and finally try to be a qualified programmer now. (She has not been yet! XD)


WEN-LIN Elementary School

MING-DE Junior High

Taipei First Girls' High School

Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University

She was brilliant in her childhood, but she thinks she is very stupid now and this kind of silliness is basically incurable.

Interested Area





In her college time, the only thing she can do is making movies using OpenGL. Until now, she has made two movies in which an ugly pink robot dancing Moon Walk and Can-can.



Graduate School

She has few works right now. Now she is working a project which is about depth-cued motion recognition.



She likes drawing and designing things. In college, she was the director of stage scenery for the IM Night and the editor for the IM part of the graduate book.



Coffee and...

Her favourite drinks are coffee and Ice Fire. When she could not figure out how to write programs, she would painfully choose one of them to drink and...

Other Hobbies

In her leisure time, she likes seeing movies, reading novels, browsing webpages, making handicrafts, going to Museum, and discovering beautiful things. Even she can't fullfill her dream to be an artist, she still love arts.