3D Shape Retrieval and Analysis

Tokyo Japan: Topology Matching for Fully Automatic Similarity Estimation of 3D Shapes
Princeton: 3D Models Search Engine
RODA: Retrieval of 3D-Objects from Digital Archives
Greece: 3D Search
Berkeley: Matching with Shape Context
Texas: Power Crust, Unios of Balls, and the Medial Axis Transform
Freie Germany: Algorithms for Shape Matching and Approximation
Brown: A Similarity-based Aspect-Graph Approach to 3D Object Recognition
Brown: 3D Shape Representation based on Shocks
McGill Canada: Shape Analysis Group
CMU: 3D Model Retrieval
Princeton: 2001 Workshop on Shape-Based Retrieval and Analysis of 3D Models
University of Leipzig, Germany
3D Model Similarity Search
Dejan V. Vranic
Andrei Sharf
Geometry, Imaging and Virtual Environments
Prof. Ryutarou Ohbuchi's page

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics of Stanford University
Computer Graphics of Washington University
Hugues Hoppe's home page
David Salesin
Robotics Institute Andrew Witkin
Michael F. Cohen
Marc Levoy's Home Page
Caltech Multi-Res Modeling Group - Publications
Pierre Alliez's home page
Greg Turk's Home Page
grail@usc homepage
Computer Graphics
Ming Ouhyoung, NTU Taiwan
Yi-Ping Hung, NTU Taiwan
Shi-Nine Yang, NTHU Taiwan
Chun-Fa Chang, NTHU Taiwan
Jung Hong Chuang, NCTU Taiwan
Zen-Chung Shih, NCTU Taiwan
Tong-Yee Lee, NCKU Taiwan

Search Engine

find 3d --- the ultimate 3d search resource
NEC Research Institute CiteSeer

Appearance-Based Matching

York Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Research
Randal Nelson's Home Page
Mark R. Stevens
PhD of Bernt Schiele
Gerald Dalley's SAMPL Web

Spherical Harmonics

LiveGraphics3D Example:Plotting Functions with JavaScript
The Spherical Harmonics Gallery Page


Columbia University EE Faculty Prof. Shih-Fu Chang


Watermark page at ntu csie
Publications and Literature
Darko Kirovski
accepted papers
... sonic compression an audio compression resource ...
DataHiding(TM) for Audio
Audio Watermarking and Applications

Call for papers

IEEE TC on Security and Privacy: Calls for Papers
5th international workshop on information hiding
Websites: Conferences
Annonces de Congres
Computer Graphics Conferences
EG & Vrvis Conference Calendar
ACM Transactions on Graphics
SMI 2003 Call for Papers
Graphics-Related Conference Information
Computer Graphics Conferences
Pacific Graphics 2002
Computer Vision Conference Listing from USC
Conferences on Computer Vision and Machine Learning
CVPR 2003 Call for Papers
icip 2003-Barcelona, 3DIM2003 Home
Upcoming Computer Vision Conferences
Call For Papers
Forthcoming Events and Conferences of Interest
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
Eurographics 2003 - Main page
IEEE Signal Processing Society - Manuscript Central [TM]

Digital Library

ACM Digital Library
IEEE Digital Library


Stylized Depiction in Computer Graphics

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