Pocket KTV : Mobile application providing voice accompaniment service and online rating platform


Pocket KTV is a mobile application that provides media and voice accompaniment service. In addition, users can share their performance records and rate their favorite performances via this platform. the apk link is here.




An Intelligent Nurcing Cart


The Intelligent Mobile Nursing Cart (iNuC) is a mobile medication administration tool which provides an effective user interface to assist medical personnel in tracking patients’ medication and maintaining time management. Medical personnel, usually a nurse, can track medicine distribution accordingly, administrate the process of drug taking in avoiding medical negligence and connect with hospital server which conserves patient’s information at the same time. Moreover, the whole system framework can calculate and supervise patients’ situations as well as medical personnel’s reports so that medical safeness and efficiency can be enhanced. Reference Link:http://www.citi.sinica.edu.tw/citi_page/research/research_projects/aadstev.html



Realizing DVC on mobile device with efficient feedback channel


Realizing DVC encoder on mobile devices to connect it with DVC decoder which runs on remote server with GPU. Therefore, the system is characterized in capturing directly from the real world, while other systems still need extra processes that transform images into pictures beforehand. Most importantly, I find out there is a communication bottleneck between encoder and decoder which reduces decoding performance greatly. The accomplishment of the project is proposing an efficient feedback channel so that decoding performance can be facilitated. The apk link is here.




PlayBook : Mobile application providing social network grouping service


This project creat a platform for users to exchange ideas, appoint time, plan schedule. PlayBook also retrieve information from google and Facebook to get user's own schedule and friend list. In PlayBook project, we utilize cloudy database to maintain activities, paticipants, and every essential information. The app link is here.



Building 3D scanner and HMI


Using depth sensing camera (e.g. PrimeSense) to build a 3D scanner. I develop an application, which users can control it with their body effortlessly, by tracing user’s skeleton and determine their gestures. The demo site is here.



Privacy-preserving Face Identification


Privacy-preserving Face Identification aims at building a facial recognition system which implements Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition and SCiFI. Representing face images with eigenface via PCA algorithm and calculating each pair’s distance based on Paillier cryptosystem, make the recognition process efficient and free of security crisis.



Captcha Breaker


Cracking the Captcha system design, this project is able to analyze, solve the Captchas and reply a text answering to the question. Furthermore, I apply GPU in accelerating template matching process, which is the bottleneck of the whole system.



Human Tracking on Surveillance System


Human tracking implemented with Hungarian algorithm. The demo site is here,