Triangle Member List

This is the complete list of members for Triangle, including all inherited members.

Area() constTriangle [virtual]
CanIntersect() constShape [inline, virtual]
GetShadingGeometry(const Transform &obj2world, const DifferentialGeometry &dg, DifferentialGeometry *dgShading) constTriangle [inline, virtual]
GetUVs(float uv[3][2]) constTriangle
Intersect(const Ray &ray, float *tHit, DifferentialGeometry *dg) constTriangle [virtual]
IntersectP(const Ray &ray) constTriangle [virtual]
meshTriangle [private]
ObjectBound() constTriangle [virtual]
Pdf(const Point &Pshape) const Shape [inline, virtual]
Pdf(const Point &p, const Vector &wi) constShape [inline, virtual]
ReferenceCounted()ReferenceCounted [inline]
Refine(vector< Reference< Shape > > &refined) constShape [inline, virtual]
Sample(float u1, float u2, Normal *Ns) constTriangle [virtual]
Shape::Sample(const Point &P, float u1, float u2, Normal *Ns) constShape [inline, virtual]
Shape(const Transform &o2w, bool ro)Shape
Triangle(const Transform &o2w, bool ro, TriangleMesh *m, int n)Triangle [inline]
vTriangle [private]
WorldBound() constTriangle [virtual]
~Shape()Shape [inline, virtual]

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