List of Projects

Fantasy Illustrator (2009)

In this project, we propose a user-friendly image editing system, Fantasy Illustrator, to help people manipulate the image structure and color more easily.


Drawing Comes True (2008)

Drawing Comes True is a 3D modeling and animation system. When a user draw a shape on a 2D canvas, the system generates a 3D character and animates it automatically.

High Dynamic Range Image (2008)

Generate the high dynamic range image from a series of photos with difference exposure levels. The algorithm is referenced from a SIGGRAPH 1997 paper: "Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs".

CS Mosou (2007)

The idea is inferred from a very popular game - Shin Sangoku Musou. CS Mosou is a fps game that includes the musou skills.

Software Delivery System (2006)

We provide a solution of software delivery system for a financial corporation.

Project Management System (2006)

We developed a web-based project management system for National Science Council.

Instant Message System (2005)

In this project, we developed an cross-platform instant message system which allows multiple users to chat through our online server.