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Carolina Basketball

It's always fun for anyone (except for those people from Durham..) to watch the The Tar Heel basketabll. Not to mention it's also my alma mater.No matter where I am, my heart goes with them.

Go Tar Heels!

Food & Travel

Travel is not really my thing, except for food.
Not a gourmet eater, definitely a fan for asian food.

Computer Graphics.

Where it begins...

The Rendering Equation

(images taken from wikipedia: the rendering equation)


Eric Cartman(the chubby kid wearing light blue toboggan) is my all-time favorite animation character, because he's as cynical as I am. I recommand everyone to watch this cartoon, the original English version, not Chinese dubbed one.

Idol Drama

Every condemned soul prays for the redeeeming angel.
Who knows, she is probably gonna be the next Lenna once I become famous.
About Lenna in Mandarin (Now I officially made this related to computer graphic.)