CMLab Graphics Group Research projects on Human-Computer Interaction (since 2009)

Our research focus on novel interaction techniques and devices to facilitate Human-Computer Interaction.

Project Gauss: Portable & Occlusion-Free Magnetic Object Tracking
UIST'14, CHI '14, UIST '13, CHI '13, UIST '12, SA '12 E-Tech
NailDisplay & FingerPad: Always-Available I/O on the Fingertips
CHI '13 Best Paper Award, UIST '13
PUB & SonarWatch: Always-Available Input on the Forearm
Proc. UIST '11, SIGGRAPH Asia E-Tech '11
Grab-Capture-Release: Mobile Augmented Reality
SIGGRAPH Asia E-Tech '11
iCon & MemoIcon: Everyday Objects as Instant Tabletop Controllers
Proc. CHI '10, SIGGRAPH Asia E-Tech '09
SmartPlayer: User-Centric Video Fast-Forwarding
Proc. CHI '09

Publications in Major Conferences

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