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  • Course Information

  • Lecturer: Prof. 吳家麟 ( R214
  • TA: 高紹鈞 R505
               李旻倫 R506
  • TA Hour : By appointment via email.
  • Course Requirements

  • Homework: 40%

  • Midterm brief survey: 25%
    your interested IT-related Research topic (single-column A4 format, at least 12 pages)

  • Final: 35%
    further investigate/realize your interested topic.

  • (Optional) Programming Assignments-> JPEG decoder: at least 10%
  • Outline

  • Basics of Information Theory
    - Entropy, Relative Entropy, Mutual Information.

  • Data Compression / Compaction
    - Kraft Inequality, the prefix condition and Instantaneous decodable codes.

  • Variable Length Codes
    - Huffman code, Arithmetic code and L-Z code.

  • Coding Techniques
    - DPCM (predictive coding).
    - Transform coding (Discrete Cosine Transform).
    - JPEG (JPEG2000).
    - Motion Estimation and Compression.
    - MPEG-1, 2, 4.
    - H.26P, H.264, HEVC.
    - Distributed Video Coding

  • Steganography and Information Hiding
    - Digital Watermarking.
  • Assignments

  • HW1
    PDF format, email to TA with title "hw1". Deadline: 2020/3/25
    You must finish the "Must done" section. The "Recommended" part is optional, and it's bonus.

  • HW1 scores

  • HW2
    PDF format, email to TA with title "hw2", Deadline: 2020/4/15
    Please don't send several files. QQ
    All questions are required in homework2!

  • Midterm/Final Topic
    Confirm your midterm survey topic. Deadline: 2020/4/15
    PDF format, email to TA with title "survey" , Deadline: 2020/4/29
    PDF file name example: 王小明_r07922XXX (name_student ID)

  • (Optional)JPEG decoder
    zip format, email to TA with title "JPEG", Deadline: 2020/6/17
    Files include spec, workflow, test_images, and JpegParser.
    JpegParser is for helping you to confirm parsing result.

  • Final Project
    Deadline: 2020/6/19
    further investigate/realize your interested topic. (a) a report (single-column A4 format, at least 16 pages)
    (b) a power-point presentation file (with vocal explanation recorded slide-by-slide) of (a)

  • Lecture Notes

    Lecture 1

    Why Informationis important-new.pptx  
    Overview of ITCT-2020.pptx  
    ITCT Lecture 1.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 1.1.pdf  

    Lecture 2

    Intro to IT Inform Inequalities.pptx
    Intro to IT Entropy Rel Entro and MI.pptx
    ITCT Lecture 2.mp4
    ITCT Lecture 2.pdf

    Lecture 3

    Asymptotic Equipartition Property.pptx  
    ITCT Lecture 3.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 3.pdf

    Lecture 4

    ChannelCoding and Channel Modeling.pptx  
    ITCT Lecture 4.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 4.2.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 4.3.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 4.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 4.2.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 4.3.pdf
    0325 course recording.mp4

    Lecture 5

    ITCT Lecture 5.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 5.pdf

    Lecture 6

    ITCT Lecture 6.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 6.2.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 6.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 6.2.pdf
    0408 course recording.mp4

    Lecture 7

    AR-coding in JCAE.pptx  
    parallelizing AR-codes.pptx  
    ITCT Lecture 7.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 7.2.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 7.3.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 7.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 7.2.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 7.3.pdf
    0520 course recording.mp4
    0527 course recording.mp4

    Lecture 8

    LZ for speeding up ML.pptx  
    Suggested References for Advanced Study in LZ and.pptx  
    ITCT Lecture 8.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 8.2.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 8.3.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 8.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 8.2.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 8.3.pdf

    Lecture 9

    ITCT Lecture 9.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 9.2.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 9.3.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 9.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 9.2.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 9.3.pdf
    0415 course recording.mp4

    Lecture 10

    ITCT Lecture 10.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 10.2.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 10.3.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 10.4.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 10.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 10.2.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 10.3.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 10.4.pdf
    0422 course recording.mp4

    Lecture 11

    ITCT Lecture 11.1.mp4.
    ITCT Lecture 11.2.mp4.
    ITCT Lecture 11.3.mp4.
    ITCT Lecture 11.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 11.2.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 11.3.pdf
    0429 course recording.mp4
    0506 course recording.mp4

    Lecture 12

    Data Compression, Data Security, and Machine Learning.pptx  
    ITCT Lecture 12.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 12.pdf
    0513 course recording.mp4

    Lecture 13

    ITCT Lecture 13.1.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 13.2.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 13.3.mp4  
    ITCT Lecture 13.1.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 13.2.pdf
    ITCT Lecture 13.3.pdf

    Lecture 14

    Perceptual DVC-Highly Parallel Codec.pptx  
    ITCT Lecture 14 Introduction to DVC.mp4  

    Lecture 15

    ITCT lecture 15.1 Information Theory in Data Visualization-1.mp4  
    ITCT lecture 15.2 Information Theory in Data Visualization-2.mp4  
    Information Theory in Data Visualization-1.pdf  
    Information Theory in Data Visualization-2.pdf  

    Resource & Reference

  • Thomas M. Cover and Joy A. Thomas, Elements of Information Theory, Second Edition, Wiley & Sons, 2006.
  • Khalid Sayood, Introduction to data compression 2ed, Morgan Kaufmann, 2000.
  • JPEG Standard.
  • MPEG-1 Standard.
  • Darrel Hankerson, Greg A. Harris, and Peter D. Johnson Jr., Introduction to information theory and data compression, CRC, 1998.
  • The Minimum Description Length Principle, Peter D. Grunward, the MIT Press, 2007.
  • IEEE Trans. on IT, CSVT, SP, IP, MM, IFS, Comm, Comput
  • Information_Theory_Reference.pdf
  • Reference from the Journal Entropy.pdf
  • Recommended Papers for ITCT
  • Interesting Papers of Entropy Journal (2019-2020)
  • QA

  • IT-related brief survey (12 pages minimum) 的要求?
    A: 這份 brief survey 可以自行選擇有興趣的 IT-related topic,沒有主題或是格式限制。可以參考 course overview 的 applications、entropy journal 或任何相關主題。

  • Final Project 的形式?
    A: Final Project 已取消 codec ,一律改成 applications realize/investigate。
    - applications realize/investigate 分組1~3人並要求30分鐘的 presentation 及 report。

  • Mideterm IT-related Survey 與 Final Project Invertigate/Realize 的差別?
    A: 我們建議 Final Project 可以作為 Miterm Survey 的延伸(不強迫),所以應該要有更深入的內容以及自己的想法,
    或是一些 implment 的實驗結果,簡單的 reproduce/分析/改進想法也可以