Hello. My name is Ting-Hsuan Chao (Joel). [CV] [GitHub]
I'm a student study in National Taiwan University department of Computer Science, doing research in Communications & Multimedia Lab MiRA Group


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Born on 11 Dec. 1990

Originally wish to become a electrical engineer but step into region of computer science with curiousity.
Hope multimedia's power can change people's life style and improve life's quality.
Working happy is always my ultimate goal. :)


1997-2003 Li-Ming Elementary School
2003-2006 Viator Catholic Junior High School
2006-2009 Taichung First Senior High School
2009-2013 National Taiwan University Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
2013-Now National Taiwan University Master of Computer Science in Communications & Multimedia Lab


Ting-Hsuan Chao, Yen-Liang Lin, Yin-Hsi Juo and Winston H. Hsu "Scalable Object Detection by Filter Compression with Regularized Sparse Coding." Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. 2015. (Full paper) [PDF]

Yu-Hsiu Chen, Ting-Hsuan Chao, Yen-Liang Lin and Winston H. Hsu "Filter-Invariant Image Classification on Social Media Photos" Proceedings of the 23th ACM international conference on Multimedia. ACM, 2015. (Short paper)


Programming Language:

C++, Java, Python, MATLAB, php, Ruby, Lua, javascript, nodeJS, Verilog...


Android developement, Photoshop, Illustrator, Digital Circuit development...


Installation Art

Work Experience

2012-2013 Internship at Hewlett-Packard - Wireless Diagnosis and Reporting


Novels, coffee, brunch, sweet snack, any kind of feast, jigsaw, movie and swimming.


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home1211 [at] gmail.com
Taipei, Taiwan