How to produce a DVD-Video Disc?

You would like to produce something on your friends' wedding party, What could you do?
1) The DV: I recommend DV with 3CCD which is more expensive than low-end comsumer DV because the color will be more beautiful. (I have another low-end DV, however, the recorded video is not so colorful.)

2) Transfer the video to computer: using IEEE 1394 (iLink).

3) Use hardware to encode the MPEG-2 Video. (Of course you can produce WMV, MOV, MPEG-1 at the same time.)

4) Editing the video.

It is a good idea to produce movies with menu, background audio, text titles, etc.

5) Finally, use the authoring tool (ulead movie factory, etc) to produce a standard DVD-Video Disc. The available softwares will become more and more.