Usage of rsync: 5,31,2004

1) prepare ssh.exe, rsync.exe, corresponding cygwin.
2) rsync -azv --delete -e ssh jsyeh@ip:/directory local_dest
or rsync -azv --delete -e ssh local_src jsyeh@ip:/directory

cf. -azv is for archive, zip, verbose
    -rlpt -v -z is for recursive,link,preservePermission,preserveTime, verbose, zip
--delete is to delete files in dest,
-e ssh is to use ssh.exe as remote shell

The source directory will be put in local place.
rsync -azv --delete -e ssh jsyeh@ c:\
will copy the directory public-html to c:\public-html

rsync -azv --delete -e ssh c:\temp jsyeh@
will copy the c:\temp to ~jsyeh/tmp/temp

rsync.bat for RCSB PDB

Additional information about cross-platform rsync 11,27,2004 6am
ex. for my Windows XP Home Edition on my laptop (platform a), the rsync -a
upload to a freebsd/linux machine (platform b) will set the permission
as 700.
On the other hand, if the files on freebsd/linux machine (platform b) is -x
(no executable) permission, the rsync -a to windows XP home on my laptop 
(platform a) will cause the files not executable or "start filename.ext"
is not available.