Hsiao-Yun Tseng (曾筱雲)

  • Email: kumokay _at_ cmlab.csie.ntu.edu.tw
  • Website: http://www.cmlab.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~kumokay/
  • Languages: Chinese, English
    • Hsiao-Yun Tseng received her M.S. degree in Computer Science from National Taiwan University and her B.S. degree in Computer Science from National Chiao Tung University. She is currently a software engineer at Mediatek Inc., Taiwan. Her responsibilities include Layer 2 of data plane in GPRS and LTE, including protocol stack software development, data plane protocol analysis, and performance tuning.

Research Interests

  • Wireless Communications, Computer Networks
  • Multimedia, Video Coding, Digital Signal Processing



  • Tseng, Hsiao-Yun, Yun-Chung Shen, and Ja-Ling Wu. "Distributed video coding with compressive measurements." Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Multimedia. ACM, 2011. (Link)

Industrial Experience

  • 2012/5-present: Software Engineer at MediaTek Inc., Taiwan
    • Responsible for 3GPP data plane protocol analysis, software development, and performance tuning
    • Focus on 2G/4G layer 2 data plane: GPRS MAC/RLC layer and LTE MAC/RLC layer
    • Experience with developing test scripts and using wireless device test sets
  • 2011/8-2012/4: Software Engineer IBM, Taiwan
    • Responsible for test script development and integrated test performing on x86 servers
  • 2008/1-2009/6: Software Developer at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Taiwan (part-time)
    • Skillful at website development using ASP.NET and SQL Server Database management
    • Experience with software development using C#/VB.NET

Research Experience

  • MS thesis: Side-information Enhanced Distributed Video Coding with Compressive Measurements (link)
  • I joined Digital Signal Processing Group of Communications and Multimedia Laboratory (CMLab) while pursuing my M.S. degree in National Taiwan University. Advised by Prof. Ja-Ling Wu (National Taiwan University), I designed and implemented a novel distributed video coding system based on compressive sensing that shifts the video encoder complexity to the decoder. The corresponding research paper is accepted by ACM international conference on Multimedia.(Link)

  • BS final year project: SIP-based Efficient Routing and Anti-spam System for Mobile Calls
  • Co-advised by Prof. Yi-Bin Lin (National Chiao-Tung Univ.) and Prof. Meng-Hsun Tsai (National Cheng Kung Univ.), and together with other two team members, we designed and implemented a SIP-based efficient routing system using VoIP technology to replace expensive international calls without user’s awareness. This project ranked 3rd in Network Communication Software and Creative Applications Contest, held by Taiwan Ministry of Education in 2008, in nation. Later, this project has been extended and our system serves as a prototype of the work described in the paper: Efficient routing for international mobile call setup, on IEEE Wireless Commun, 2010. (Link)

Honors & Awards

  • Third Place in Network Communication Software and Creative Applications Contest, held by Taiwan Ministry of Education, 2008 (in nation)
  • Presidential Award (ranked 1/55 in class), Fall 2005, Department of CS, National Chiao-Tung University
  • Presidential Award (ranked 1/49 in class), Fall 2006, Department of CS, National Chiao-Tung University
  • Presidential Award (ranked 3/49 in class), Spring 2006, Department of CS, National Chiao-Tung University

Technical Skills

  • Experience with 3GPP protocol stack software development and data plane performance analysis (focus on Layer 2 data plane in both GPRS and LTE Networks)
  • Knowledge of wireless standards and network protocols: GPRS, LTE, TCP/IP, and VoIP
  • Proficient programming and scripting: C/C++, Java, Perl, MATLAB, MSSQL and .NET

Additional Info


  • Languages: Chinese (mother tongue), English
  • Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan


  • Yoga
  • Travel