About Me

Hi, my name is Yu-Lin Hsieh, and I am a graduate student at National Taiwan University studying Computer Science. I was born and raised in Hsin Chung Dist, New Taipei City and have two brothers. I live in my home with my family and a pet cat called Ms. Phoebe.

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Yu-Lin Hsieh


Think Twice, Code Once

Master in Networking and Multimedia, NTU Sep. 2014 - Jun. 2016

What I like most about my major is the puzzle-like nature of it. I like solving problems and in computer science there are multiple solutions for them. Computer science gives me a fun way to be able to solve problems differently by generalizing them and writing instructions for the computer to solve the problems.

Libraries Serve humanity

B.A. Degree in Library and Information Science, NTU Jun. 2012

Librarianship can also be a great foundation for information-related careers in general; the skills you gain are directly transferable to a number of alternative careers, such as knowledge management, data mining, or competitive intelligence.