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Decore Testing of Wheels with Polyurethane Case and Polyester Core


Decore is a common and non-observable flaw in the polyurethane (PU) wheel that causes the case and the core of a wheel not adhere to each other firmly.

In this work, a non-destructive testing method was proposed to determine if a wheel is normal or abnormal. We installed an accelerometer on the wheel, hit it by the pendulum, and measured the impulse response. And, the defected wheel can be detected by the characteristics of the impulse response.

Traditionally, the decore in a wheel can be determined only when the wheel has broken down. In order to verify the proposed non-destructive testing method, the destructive testing method was also applied to the wheels. Shear stress adhesive test" and "cyclic shear stress adhesive test" were performed by universal testing machine to define the adhesion of the core and the case of a wheel and to verify the proposed method.


Hao-Kai Wen, Ta-Te Lin.



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