About me

CMLab MiRA group
Graduate Institute of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Taiwan University
Advisor: Prof. Winston Hsu

(2016 - present) NTU, MS in Computer Science
(2012 - 2016) NCTU, BS in Electronic and Computer Engineering
(2009 - 2012) Cheng Kung Senior High School


Some Experience in industry or school

Graduate from NCTU ECE

2013.4 - 2015.4

Foundamental of Culture and Service Club

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Some projects made in class

House Monitor

Integrate APP on smart phone, Zedboard, Arduino, server motor, and webcam as a system to monitor scene in the house and we can see the real time video and change the angle of webcam on smart phone even we are not at home.

Emotion recognition in speech realized on APP

Integrate APP on smart phone, server writed in JAVA on PC, and speech algorithm writed in Matlab as a system. We can test our speech sentence's emotion like happy, sad, neural, angry, and fear on smart phone.

Coming Soon

Under Construct

Contact Me

Address: ROOM 505, CSIE Building, 1 Roosevelt Road, Section 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan
E-mail: steven413d@gmail.com