2014 ~
National Taiwan University: Postdoc
Working on Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction related projects with CMLAB and Intel-NTU Lab.
2011 ~ 2013
ITRI : Software Engineer
Cloud computing, Intelligent video surveillance
2005 ~ 2010
National Tsing Hua University : Ph.D
Computer Graphics and Vision (with emphasis on Geometric Modeling and Processing). Adviser: Prof. Shang-Hong Lai and Prof. Bing-Yu Chen
May. 2009 ~ Apr.2010
The University of Tokyo: Research Visit
Hosted by Prof. Tomoyuki Nishita's Lab.
Worked on surface Reconstruction from Unoriented Points.
Mar. 2007 ~ Aug.2007
Siemens Corporate Research: Internship
Memory Efficient Large Mesh Simplification.
2002 ~ 2004
National Tsing Hua University: Master's Degree
I worked with Prof. Shang-Hong Lai on
Progressive Reconstruction of Implicit Surfaces.
1998 ~ 2002
National Tsing Hua University: Bachelor's Degree
Major in Computer Science.


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Liwei Chan, Chi-Hao Hsieh, Yi-Ling Chen, Shuo Yang, Da-Yuan Huang, Rong-Hao Liang, and Bing-Yu Chen
ACM CHI 2015
Making in-Front-of Cars Transparent: Sharing First-Person-Views via Dashcam
Shao-Chi Chen, Hsin-Yi Chen, Yi-Ling Chen, Hsin-Mu Tsai, Bing-Yu Chen
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Pacific Graphics 2014)
Bipartite Polar Classification for Surface Reconstruction
Yi-Ling Chen, Tung-Ying Lee, Bing-Yu Chen and Shang-Hong Lai
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Pacific Graphics 2011)
An Orientation Inference Framework for Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Point Clouds
Yi-Ling Chen, Shang-Hong Lai
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2011
Binary Orientation Trees for Volume and Surface Reconstruction from Unoriented Point Clouds
Yi-Ling Chen, Bing-Yu Chen, Shang-Hong Lai, Tomoyuki Nishita
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Pacific Graphics 2010)
Fast JND-Based Video Carving with GPU Acceleration for Real-Time Video Retargeting
Chen-Kuo Chiang, Shu-Fan Wang, Yi-Ling Chen, Shang-Hong Lai
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2009
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