R96944043 PB


Project #3

Matchmove is a technique of estimating camera parameters from an input video sequence so that computer generated imagery (CG) could be seamlessly inserted into the sequence.
For this project, we have to do the following things

Shoot videos

I shoot a video by SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W200 again, the only camera i have, and it's a mpg video file.

Apply a calibration to estimate camera parameters

I use boujou4 to calibrate camera.

Import camera parameters to 3dsmax

Export camera solve to 3dsmax by a script file.

Use MaxScript ->Run Script in 3dsmax, we got a camera solve

From solved camera view

My artiface, Shang's Flight Object (SFO)

Create a flying path

Use our video as Environment Map and render whole frames

Video Edit to add sound effect


Raw footage Video

Final Video

Download Video