Rendering - Final Project

Interactive Image Base Relighting

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Final Project

Lighting is the process of adjusting lights and it is a time-consuming process for complex materials and complex geometry. It is an important but time-consuming step in animation production pipeline. The goal of relighting is to achieve interactive rendering with reasonable quality. Image base relighting is one of the relighting algorithms. This is accomplished by combining numerical estimation of surface response, image-space caching, deferred shading, and the computational power of modern graphics hardware.



Drag a model file (.zxp) and drop to screen to load a new scene.

Right click on the tree node, "Camera", will popup a menu. Hit Add Camera will create a new camera, user can define new view by the following operations. There will be one camera by default. When you need to change the view, you must first select the tree node of camera.
Left mouse button: Rotate the scene.
Right mouse button: Zoom in/zoom out the scene.
Middle mouse button: Pan screen.

Right click on the tree node, "Light", will popup a menu. Hit Add Point Light to create a point light.

User can create many light sources. User can adjust the attributes of each light like position, color, light radius. There are helper objects on view when user select the value of light position, user can drag the helper object to move the light.

Other scenes


Project program: Relighting.rar

Test Scenes

Future work

Difference light source

Soft shadow

Indirect lighting