A Tool for Structure Alignment of Molecules

Authors: Pei-Ken Chang, Chien-Cheng Chen and Ming Ouhyoung
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University

Proc. of IEEE Sixth International Symposium on Multimedia Software Engineering (IEEE-MSE2004) Special Session on Bioinformatics, pp. 354-361, Miami, USA, Dec. 2004. (ISBN 0-7695-2217-3)
Experimental Results - The Molecular Alignment Problem

Our tool can be used in solving the comparison of two molecules that belong to different types. The data and the problem of molecular mimicry are provided by a graduate student Mr. Han Liang from Professor Laura Landweber's group in Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University.

One data set consists of
  • EFG (Elongation Factor-G) and
  • EF-tu (the complex of Elongation Factor-Tu and tRNA),
and the orientations of the original data are almost the same.

The other data set consists of
  • RRF (Ribosomal Recycling Factor) and
  • tRNA,
but they are not in the same orientation originally.

The aligning results of EFG, EF-tu
EFG: Elongation Factor-G
EF-tu: the complex of Elongation Factor-Tu and tRNA

The aligning results of RRF, tRNA
RRF: Ribosomal Recycling Factor