Established in response to the trend of multimedia and network, and the strong desire of multimedia related technologies, Communication and Multimedia Laboratory (CML) identifies communication and multimedia as its main research fields. Those fields, in which many issues still exist that not only are unsolved in academy but also need to be overcome in industry, are most suitable for universities or graduate schools to target at. Therefore, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) formally sets up CML in February 1st 1991, and since that time has devoted lots of resources to develop multimedia technology. Now our members also come from Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia (GINM).

Industry-University Cooperative Research Projects

Since 1992, CML has proposed and executed several industry-university cooperative research projects, in which both techniques and systems of multimedia are developed, thereby mastering key technology and experience of system implementation.

  • July 1992 (3 years)
    Advanced Collective Research on Multimedia Office System
    (NSC 78-0414-E-002-328)
  • August 1995 (3 years)
    Digital Classroom Supporting Software Module Developing
    (NSC 85-2622-E-002-015)
  • August 1998 (3 years)
    MPEG-4 Hybrid-Media Virtual Environment
    (NSC 89-2622-E-002-007)
  • August 2001 (3 years)
    Content Engineering: Research on MPEG-4/7 Multimedia Technology
    (NSC 90-2622-E-002-008)
  • August 2004 (2 years)
    Experience Fusion: Secure and Scalable Human Centric Computing
    (NSC 93-2622-E-002-033)
  • August 2006 (2 years)
    Intimate Media Agent: Enabling Affective Content Experience from Media Context
    (NSC 95-2622-E-002-018)

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